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giant useful zorb ball to play

An Useful Zorb Ball

Jul, 18, 2022

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Let's get to know a big ball together today.


The zorb ball is a large ball with a comfortable handle and adjustable straps, made of PVC material for better sealing to ensure no air leaks during long hours of play. It is a wonderful attraction for those who like to bounce and kick. In addition, the inflatable zorb ball is also suitable for organizing competitions. Try zorbing!

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The zorb ball is made of 0.8 mm extra thick PVC vinyl that is heat sealed, odorless, waterproof and anti-static. The inflatable cushioning allows children to play without worrying about safety. It is also completely washable and reusable. zorb ball is easy to carry and store because it can be deflated easily, the inflatable bumper has 2 handles and 2 adjustable straps to hold the user firmly inside; 5 vertical and 8 horizontal ropes stabilize the structure to avoid rope breakage.


So what if you can keep the zorb ball for a long time?


Maintenance and care

1. to regularly wipe, disinfection, to keep the product clean.
2.After use until the next use, the product should be deflated (just open the zipper directly), scrubbed clean, dried, and then filled with a little talcum powder and folded neatly.
3.In the handling process, should try to avoid the product air leakage due to dragging and wear, and manage visitors in the course of business to prevent human damage. Such as extensive damage, send directly back to the zorb ball manufacturer for repair.
4.If not used for a long time, fold the clean equipment, bundle and pack well. Storage temperature is generally appropriate at -50 to +40 degrees Celsius, and pay attention to prevent rodent bites, insects. It should be taken out and blown up for 30 minutes every month to facilitate timely discharge of humid air. The blower should pay attention to moisture and corrosion prevention.


Specific style

The zorb ball shown to you is transparent, but the sphere is also distributed dotted with blue dots. Its diameter is 1.5m, if you like this color and size of zorb ball, hurry up and buy it.


Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy a zorb ball.

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