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How To Choose Appropriate Safety Shoes: Smasing Or Puncture Prevent?

Apr, 16, 2022

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Through the article before the safety shoes brand and labor protection shoes to buy a simple introduction of skills, I believe that we have to labor protection shoes have a deeper understanding. But there are still big differences between different types of labor protection shoes, and they are suitable for different jobs. So how to choose a more suitable labor protection shoes according to their own needs? Let the following small make up for you to briefly introduce the difference between the anti-hit labor shoes and the anti-puncture labor shoes.  

Prevent smashing safety shoes   

First of all, we will understand the anti-hit safety shoes for women. Anti-smashing labor protection shoes are indispensable for workers working in the production environment of bulk commodities and heavy machinery. The ingenious design of the shoe head can reduce the damage of the object to the foot when heavy objects fall carelessly, so that the shoe head bears the pressure of heavy objects falling, and avoids hurting the toes of workers.

safety shoes for women

Next, prevent puncture labor protect shoe basically be aimed at the staff member that the job is in the production environment that has sharp object existence. Prevent to hit labor protect shoe to be able to make workers avoid to be stabbed by reinforcing bar, nail and so on sharp article scratch.  


Puncture proof safety shoes  

The main difference between the two is first reflected in the prevention of labor protection shoes is larger volume, heavy bulk goods; And house property labor protects shoe basically to prevent sharp weapon to scratch. Therefore, the two on the vamp and sole of material selection will also have a great difference, anti-hit labor protection shoes may be more focused on the strengthening of the toe, and anti-hit labor protection shoes may use more solid vamp materials and sole materials, to avoid being pierced by sharp objects. In this case, we recommend you to purchase safety shoes on Kameymall for better quality control and guarantee.


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