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Why Is So Important For Fishery Workers Wearing Safety Shoes?

Apr, 16, 2022

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The main characteristics of fishery production are based on various waters. China has a vast continental shelf, tidal flats and very broad freshwater waters, and the fishery is very developed.  Therefore, China also has a large number of fishing workers. Fishing workers must wear professional protective equipment because of their long-term exposure to damp working conditions. Here's what kind of safety shoes fishery workers should wear.  

First of all, the waterproof performance of safety shoes is essential  

Aquaculture and fishing farms are usually built along rivers or coastal areas, where there are many water sources. Fishery workers need to walk in the water, and their feet are immersed in seawater with high salt content for a long time.  Therefore, the fishery procurement department must attach great importance to this point, and purchase waterproof and non-slip safety shoes for women to avoid long-term contact with water sources and breeding diseases of workers' feet, and be responsible for workers' labor safety.  

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Mind the safety of the anti-hit performance of shoes  

Most of the material handling in aquaculture and fishery processing depends on manpower. Workers need to carry heavy objects when walking in water, which is easy to cause the risk of heavy objects falling and hitting their feet. Aquatic industry procurement in the procurement of the best choice of italic with reinforced toe toe labor protection shoes, this labor protection shoes can be very effective in protecting the toe when the weight falls, block most of the weight.  

Aquatic products have become our daily life resources, and fishing is a social industry sector in which human beings use the material transformation function of organisms in waters to obtain aquatic products through fishing, breeding and processing. It is generally divided into Marine fisheries and freshwater fisheries. Fishery is an important sector of the national economy. Fish are rich in protein, can also provide high-quality fertilizers for agriculture and important raw materials for food, medicine and chemical industry. Kameymall suggests that all the fishery workers notice your personal safety and choose appropriate safety shoes for your work.



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