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Who Invented Zorb Soccer?

Jul, 05, 2022

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One of the sports activities that has become quite popular in recent years is zorb soccer. The game requires players to wear an inflatable zorb ball while playing soccer. The zorb ball covers the player's head and upper body. This sport is usually played on a wide open field.

Origin of zorb soccer

Zorb soccer was invented in Norway in 2011. The people who came up with the idea for the game were Johan Golden and Henrik Elevestad, and the funny thing is that they never knew that they would be the inventors of such an interesting game. The game made its debut in the TV show Golden Goal. However, it did not immediately catch on in the UK. Some entrepreneurs sincerely tried to make the sport popular in the UK, but they were rejected by many investors who thought that the sport had no future in the UK. Then, because these entrepreneurs persevered and did not give up, they changed the situation.

Zorb soccer hits the internet
Zorb soccer also became a sensational sport on the Internet in 2014. It all started when a video of Argonne's zorb soccer operator was released on the Internet. When people saw the video, they were very interested in the sport. The video received millions of searches. The reason for this is that zorb ball gave the game a twist and it was certainly an exciting start.

Problems that emerged with zorb soccer
When this game started in the United States, players faced a lot of problems. Since the game was new, the availability of quality devices was limited. The lack of industry standards led to the failure of operators. Secondly, the sport did not have any clear rules and lacked insurance. National zorb ball association was established in 2014. With the emergence of the National zorb ball association, the problems associated with it have gradually diminished. The affiliated companies did not face any problems in building their business around the sport as they provided quality equipment to the players.

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