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inflatable body zorb ball for parks

Gravity Parks Are Suitable For Land Zorbing

Jun, 18, 2022

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Have you ever had a dream that you rolled down a very high hill? If so, then you must have been instantly woken up because it was so scary. If we rolled down a hill, we must not be far from losing our lives. This kind of thing can only happen in TV shows or movies, right? How is it possible in real life?

Today I want to tell you that it is possible, and zorbing is actually a process like that. You go in, fix yourself to the zorb ball, and then someone else pushes you down the slope. This is basically a repeat of the process in your dream, only in real life we have the protection of the zorb ball. So, where can I experience this play?

zorb ball
Find a slope of about 30 degrees

It's easy to understand that the zorb balls work by using the pull of gravity, and it's gravity that makes the zorb ball carry us around. So we need to create the conditions for gravity. This means that a slope with an incline of around 30 degrees is the best option, whether it's grass, hills or nothing at all is acceptable.
But we need to be aware that the site you choose must be safe. Firstly, the slope should ideally be free of any sharp objects or obstacles so that the zorb ball is safe. Secondly, you need to make sure that your zorb ball does not roll into a dangerous place, such as water or a cave.

Specialised playgrounds are more reliable.

However, in nature, most slopes are accompanied by dangerous conditions. For example, slopes are often very long and unfenced, not to mention the rocks of varying sizes on the slopes. So it is very difficult to find such sites.

However, if you go to an amusement park or a gravity park equipped with the zorb ball. They have a dedicated zorbing area that will keep you safe. There are also staff who can push the zorb ball for you.

If you are an amusement park operator

Since venues for this sport are not easy to find, I think you have an opportunity if you are an amusement park operator, because what is a difficult problem for others is actually easy for you. So, you might want to think about ordering some zorb balls at Kameymall and giving the people in your neighbourhood a new project.

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