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Wonderful Birthday Party With The Zorb Ball

May, 26, 2022

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Today is my brother's birthday and we got together to have a special birthday party for him. My parents, me and my three cousins all came to the party. Why do I say that this birthday party was special? You'll find out if you read on.

Before the party, my dad had prepared a game for the party. It involved renting a few odd things from a game equipment rental company. Although I did see them from the trunk of my dad's car, I still couldn't recognise what they were.

Hamster Bubble For Humans
Blowing zorb balls up


On the day of the birthday party, which was today, my dad once again pulled out the stuff he had prepared earlier. My dad said it was the zorb ball and I was curious and said it didn't look like a ball at all. Does it look like a balloon that we need to blow on? My offhand remark turned out to be true.

My dad took out the special equipment for inflating the zorb balls and slowly filled the zorb ball up like a balloon. The sight of this left us kids in awe. It was amazing! Afterwards, my dad asked each of us to put on a zorb ball to play a game together.

We got to experience the new game

After we had our cake, we played King of the Hill at the party. First, we each put on a bubble zorb ball and started in a big circle. Secondly, my dad was the one who blew the whistle. When we heard the whistle, the game started. Each person could knock someone down by squeezing each other or by squeezing the zorb balls against each other. The one who gets knocked down is eliminated. When there are only two people left, they play each other in what is called a one-on-one duel until the game is over. The last person standing is crowned king or queen and wins the game.

The game was very simple, no rules to learn and it gave us a fresh experience. We all had fun, but it would have been perfect if I could have won a handful.


Playing games with the family is a pleasure, especially if they are new and something no one has played before. In fact, this game is also great for company group activities. If you are interested, you can come to Kameymall and buy some zorb balls.

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