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Home news Solving Difficulties Wow! What Fun Bubble Ball Parties! (Part 2)
bubble zorb ball made of pvc

Wow! What Fun Bubble Ball Parties! (Part 2)

Jul, 30, 2022

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In our last article, we talked about how colourful your party can be if it is on a wide grass field or court, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack and fun bubble balls. We also mentioned that bubble balls can be used for bumping into each other and rolling around on the ground, but the most fun of all is the bubble ball game.


However, many people don't know how to use bubble balls or the human hamster ball to play games at a party. Today, I'm here to share two useful bubble ball games with you.

Bubble football

If you are hosting a bubble ball party, the best option is undoubtedly to experience bubble football, as it is the most classic and traditional game. It is played exactly like football, except that no one plays any positions. There will be no goalkeeper in position either. The football will start in the middle of the pitch and when the whistle blows, the players will start running and kicking the ball. Be aware that you will definitely be hit by opponents. Running and kicking the ball is easy, but the challenge comes when you put on the bubble ball suit. This game really tests your multitasking skills - kick the ball while looking ahead and trying not to get hit by others.

Bubble Ball Middleman

Only one of the players needs to volunteer to stand in the middle of the pitch. The rest of the players will be lined up on either side of the pitch in separate lines. Once the referee or referee blows the whistle, everyone on the sideline must run across to the opposite side. The middle men should bump into as many people as possible as they run across. Those who are bumped will join the middle men and they will continue to bump until there is only one person left on the pitch.

Is bubble ball safe?

Many people will be concerned because bumping into each other or the game of bubble ball can seem rather violent. So, will the bubble ball burst during the collision or game play? If the bubble ball bursts, there is no doubt that our bodies will be harmed.


In fact, if you bought your bubble balls at Kameymall, you can probably rest assured that they are made of reliable PVC or TPU material, which is not only completely harmless but also has good resistance to wear and tear and punctures. If you want to avoid accidents, you can also be more careful about the protection of the zorb ball.

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