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Home news Product How To Gain Happiness From The Zorb Ball?
new plastic zorb ball for you

How To Gain Happiness From The Zorb Ball?

Jun, 28, 2022

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If you want to immerse yourself in an adventure activity that will keep you excited until the last second, then zorbing is for you. At Deira Adventure and Resort, we have the facilities to offer you the most incredible zorbing experience. The park covers a vast area and offers five different types of zorbing activities within the facility.

zorb ball
Water zorbing

If you like the feeling of rolling down a mountain, perhaps the zorb ball could be the perfect attraction for you. Drop down a steep slope into a pool of water while you're trapped in a bubble with a mind of your own. This ride will shock and challenge your guts as you experience an adrenaline rush like you've never experienced before.

Water Bungee Jumping

Do you want to walk on water too? Then we can have you tumbling through the water. You can use your strength and balance to get you to the other end. Remember, balance will play an important role in deciding whether you see the horizon or get busy tumbling.


Land rolls

Experience the bumpiest ride you could ever wish for as you glide down a grassy slope on your own or with your significant other. This turbulence isn't for everyone and you'll need a will of steel and a very big heart to get through the few seconds of this large inflatable rubber ball tumbling down an exciting slope.

Roller zorb ball

You'll never be so reliant on your partner to get you through as you are with this activity. Stomp, drop and push, but push THE zorb ball forward or you'll be stuck in the middle with nothing but your acumen to guide you to the shore. Teamwork, strength and fitness will play an absolutely crucial role in this activity to get you to land.

Bubble Football

A beautiful game with an inflatable twist. Bubble football is nothing more than inflatable bubble football where you are held inside a bubble and your opponents are happy to knock you to the ground as you try to score. Your spontaneity, teamwork, decision-making skills and of course your balance will be put to the ultimate test as you cross the pitch with your feet or in your bubble football in a 'Messi' style.


If you want to experience so much of the above mentioned fun, you can come to Kameymall and buy a few bubble balls. Or, if you are an amusement park operator, this item could be a worthwhile point for you to consider.

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