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What Is The Special Human Hamster Ball?

Jun, 28, 2022

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Extreme zorbing involves being put into a large plastic ball and then rolling down a hill with the zorb ball. It can be extended to other types of zorbing, including experiencing the zorb ball on the water and having zorbing competitions.

In recent years zorbing has become one of the most exciting new extreme sports. Although it is fairly straightforward, being placed inside a human hamster ball and rolling down a hill is actually very fun. There are many different ways one can use the left wheel. They include a course that involves running inside a rolling wheel and racing against others on an adjacent course. These inflatable courses are increasingly being seen at large corporate parties and university events.

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Learn about the history of the human hamster ball

First, let's look at where the sport of extreme zorbing began. Zorb balls in Orlando, Florida Like many unusual sports, extreme zorbing began in England. The first Zorb balls were large plastic balls with chairs inside. The use of chairs was eventually scrapped because it was crazy even by extreme sports standards! However, the human hamster side of extreme sports was cancelled.

But the human hamster aspect of tumbling was retained and improved upon. It eventually led to today's tumbling balls, which were first devised by a pair of men in New Zealand.

These balls have an inner ball that the human stands in. They are then surrounded by a larger plastic ball, keeping them completely out of the way and allowing both children and adults to play roller derby safely.

The space between the balls contains a layer of compressed air. In some cases, the balls use water in this space. Some of the zorb balls, particularly those used for rolling down steep slopes, require the rider to wear a harness inside the inner plastic ball.

What you can do in the zorb ball

You can use the sled in many different ways. The most common way to use the zorb ball is to roll down a hill on a cleared track with no trees or other obstacles. Some people add excitement by running in front of the sled ball and eventually letting it roll over them - this is not exactly recommended as the results are not always that good.

Racing is also part of Extreme Zorbing. On the Zorb track offered by Fun Crew USA, two people each sit in a Zorb ball and race along a track that is 85 feet long, 25 feet wide and 12 feet high. It is ideal for large events such as corporate parties or university events. The track can be modified to make it flat, gently sloping or with hills that people must climb on the sleds.


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