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Air Track Mat: A Popular Choice For Parents

May, 04, 2022

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At this time of year, many gymnastics parents may be considering the purchase of an air track for their young gymnast.
Last year we were such parents and after much consideration we chose a 4 metre air track mat for our son as a gift. This year, with many gyms closing and children training at home, I think more parents will be giving their children gymnastics equipment as a gift. In this blog post I discuss how we decided which air track to purchase; at the end of the post you can find a link to the track we purchased.

How to choose the air track mat

A popular choice for parents, most air tracks are available in a variety of lengths 3m, 4m and 6m are all popular and often come in different colors. We measured our front room, and dining room, very carefully before deciding that a 4 metre air track was the best option for us! We wanted to give the children a slightly longer track so that they had more room to link their skills together without having to worry about falling off the end. However, I know many parents have opted for the 3m mat and are very happy with it.

Air Track Websites
Although this meant using an unknown company, it did give us some buyer protection, if the air rails we ordered were not up to scratch, we could dispute them with Kameymall. The prices are usually cheaper too, so we can get the slightly longer air rails we really want. We knew that there was a chance that we would be disappointed with our purchase, but after weighing up all the options, we decided that buying from Kameymall was still the best option for us.

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