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Air Track Sizing Guide

May, 04, 2022

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Consider length and width when choosing the right size air track.


Our mats are available in a variety of lengths, from 3m to 8m. Attachment tricks such as rounded hand springs will not work on a 3m air track mat. We recommend a track of at least 5 meters. 5 meters is usually enough space to perfect the composition, walk over, round back hand, back pleat, lie down, half side, congruent.

Air Track X is available in two widths, 1m and 2m. If you have room for the 2-meter-wide Air Track X, it's definitely worth checking out, as it'll give gymnasts, cheerleaders, and acrobats more room to practice their tricks and be more forgiving with the extra landing space. Air Floor X is manufactured in a width of just 1 meter.
Please contact us if you would like a custom designed mat to meet your size requirements. The pressure and thickness of the Air Track creates a different training surface.

The combination of thickness and pressure determines the type of tumbling surface you will end up using on the mat. The solid surface provides greater stability and more closely simulates the feel of a sprung floor. A softer surface gives you more bounce and softer landings and will more closely mimic the feel of jumping castles.

There are two different options for cushion thickness 10cm and 20cm . The pressure of the Air Track is something you can control by how much you inflate the product.

A thicker 20cm pad gives you more options for use
If you choose a thicker air track, you can choose to use higher pressure for a firmer surface or lower pressure for a softer surface. Thicker high pressure pads will give you more firmness and stability. Thicker low pressure pads will give you a softer, more resilient surface.

Air Track Plus
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