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Home news Product A Popular Outdoor Activity - Zorbing
colorful bumper zorb ball in water

A Popular Outdoor Activity - Zorbing

Mar, 31, 2022

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Have you ever heard of the zorb ball? Whether it's rolling down a hill, challenging yourself on an obstacle course or walking on water, it's hard not to enjoy yourself while playing with zorb ball. You can even roll in the snow, which is another fun activity to do in winter besides building snowmen and having snowball fights.

The Zorb ball is a large inflatable elastic plastic ball that one or two people can crawl around in. It is basically an oversized human bouncy hamster ball, although it does not have the hard shell of a rodent. They can play on grass, snow, ice and even water. Nowadays, it has become very popular, so let's take a look at the reasons for its popularity.

zorb ball

Lots of fresh games

The innovation "Zorbers" have come up with all sorts of fun games to play with Zorb balls. Big ball football, water sledging and other water based games, and sledding sumo are all popular games. People are very creative in the way they use Zorb balls and we are really only starting to see the full potential of them for fun activities. Would you like to know the rules of the game of sledding ball, stay tuned with us.

Hot on the webcam
Zorbing has been appearing in a range of popular web videos and TV shows. They are starting to become a pop culture icon. The more people are exposed to them through social media, the more they become known. And as a product that rental companies offer, each flexible plastic ball you rent out has the possibility of generating huge amounts of profit.


A wide range of Rental Companies

As Zorb ball technology continues to improve and the demand to experience exciting games grows, so will the potential for rental. Therefore, the Zorb ball craze could be a big event for the event rental industry. You may be wondering how long your event hire or party hire firm should wait before jumping on the Zorb ball bandwagon?

The fact is that many people who are into rollerblading and are keen to experience the thrill and weightlessness of it all choose to buy a zorb ball themselves. This is because then they don't have to queue and can experience it more often.



If you want to experience the thrill and weightlessness of rollerblading as much as possible, and if you want to experience this new but popular game, come to Kameymall and buy yourself a rollerblading zorb ball.

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