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Choose The Right Air Track Mat For Yourself

May, 06, 2022

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Air track mat is mainly designed gymnasts. The best air track mat offers bounce that allows your gymnast to try new moves without fear of injury from a traditional mat or harder floor. There are a diverse variety of types of air track mats available in Kameymall, if you are a gymnast and looking for an air track mat, how will you choose the right one?

Airtrack Training Set



Most air track mats are about 10, 13, 16, 20 feet long, but you can still see various lengths from 8 m up to 10 m. Ten feet long air track mats are probably the most common size. You can even splice some mats together to form lager training space as long as you want to. In addition, you need to measure the space on which you will put an air track mat.

The width of most air track mats are 1 meter and 2 meters (about 3.3 and 6.6 feet).

Common air track mats are four inches thick, it is the minimum thickness that meets the standard. However, you can find products that are 6 or 8 inches thick for increased protection if you need.


Most air track mats are made of PVC or DWF. And this material has been applied in many sports and entertainment fields. Because it is a type of plastic, it can be glued. This material is durable, non-irritating, safe, waterproof and environmentally friendly, it it the perfect material to produce air track mats.

In general,products with longer service time are more popular among people. For instance, you have two mats at similar prices, but one offers a two-year warranty and the other doesn’t, you will tend to choose the first one.

There are various air track mats in the market, so, how will you choose the best one?Come to Kameymall and you will get your favorites product easily here. You will be amazed at our diverse exquisite products.

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