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Speed And Different Zorb Games

May, 06, 2022

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Zorb ball, it looks like a large ball and its diameter is of 1.5~3. it is composed of two layers one is inside and other is outer, and they are connected by a number of nylon ropes. The entire material is made of bouncy plastic to help prevent accidents and absorb shocks and jumps. You may worry about the security of zorb ball, no worries, it has been proved to be safe to use. Thus, both kids and adults can enjoy this exciting game.


If you like speed, then the speed of the zorb ball will give you a surprise. You can still clearly expect to experience a good amount of bouncing during your riding. If you’re interested in going as fast as possible, seek to zorb downhill with a bit of tailwind behind you.

Your weight also will have a influence on your ability to zorb faster, and if you use a harness while zorbing, you’ll also be able to raise a bit more speed. Don’t worry, though — most probably, you don't have to worry about feeling dizzy while riding the zorb. This is because you only need to fully rotate your body about every 9 meters.


Different zorb ball games
Zorb ball can be used for many games, for example, a zorb ball can be used for rolling down the hill and walking on the water. Moreover, some competitive zorb games are becoming more and more popular, such as the zorb wrestling and zorb ball soccer.

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