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What Are The Gymnastics Skills

Dec, 23, 2021

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Gymnastics is a simple and easy to popularize gymnastics with the main purpose of fitness, medical treatment, and the development of people's various physical qualities. It includes the basic movements of unarmed gymnastics, light instrument gymnastics, and instrument gymnastics. According to different tasks, basic gymnastics can be divided into the following categories: in order to cultivate students' organization and discipline, organize students to do various queue formation exercises; In order to strengthen the body or prevent and cure diseases, various unarmed gymnastics are prepared, such as children's gymnastics, elderly gymnastics, women's health care gymnastics, etc; In order to cultivate teenagers' basic life skills, various means are used in teaching and training, such as climbing, weight-bearing, carrying, etc; Develop some aspects of physical fitness, practice some basic movements in single or double unarmed gymnastics, light instrument gymnastics and instrument gymnastics; In order to correct the bad posture or defects of the body, some targeted gymnastics movements are specially arranged; In order to improve or improve an athlete's sports technology, choose to do some gymnastics movements with bare hands or using simple instruments (mats, ribs, gymnastic stools, air track, etc.).

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Practice method

There are many ways to practice basic gymnastics. When selecting movements and compiling complete sets of movements, we should consider the characteristics of the object's age, gender, health, training level, and so on. Kameymall suggests that the amount of exercise should be from small to large, and make the body get comprehensive exercise. In the movement arrangement, we should combine dynamic action with static action, and alternate tense action with relaxed action. When teaching, training, and guiding the masses to carry out unarmed gymnastics, we should pay attention to mastering the starting posture of the action and the direction, route, amplitude, speed, frequency, and rhythm of the action, so as to achieve the expected effect. When practicing instrument gymnastics, we should pay attention to safety and protection.

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