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Have You Seen Those Suede Leather Safety Shoes?

Jun, 14, 2022

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About anti-suede leather labor protection shoes, do not know whether we understand. We know that real cowhskin labor protection shoes have a lot of advantages, whether it is wear resistance or air permeability, are as a traditional labor protection shoes with advantages. What are anti-suede labor protection shoes? What are the advantages and characteristics of the labor protection shoes of this material? Now we will introduce you to the purchase of anti-velvet leather labor shoes  

Suede leather safety shoes advantage

Safety shoes for women leather is anti-velvet leather and is a kind of natural leather because it is used backwards, but it is not smooth fur, it is a kind of leather with plush leather fibers on the surface. And about how to purchase the labor protection shoes against velvet skin, we want to see the performance of velvet skin above all. Traditional cowhide labor protection shoes usually have the luster and smoothness of natural leather, but anti-suede performance is not bad either.  We can feel the suede and see if the surface is smooth and comfortable. In fact, anti-suede is also very wear-resistant, and in the function of extension, better than smooth cowhide, which leads to anti-suede labor protection shoes to be more comfortable.  

safety shoes

How to determine high quality anti - fleece safety shoes  

Good anti-suede feels good, can be felt by hand, abundant and even hair. Good anti-suede labor protection shoes look very good, and good air permeability, comfortable to wear. The purchase of anti-suede leather labor protection shoes should also pay attention to, suede shoes are easy to inhale dust, encounter water nap and will fall, not easy to take care of.  

Anti-suede properties  

Anti-velvet skin because of the outside grinding hair characteristics, so there is no smooth cowhide easy to clean, if we want to clean, can not use the brush to wipe, generally anti-velvet leather labor protection shoes special brush, and to remember the single direction to wipe, easy to drop the place to spray special spray. So for anti-suede labor protection shoes, cleaning is also an important thing, can also increase the service life of anti-suede labor protection shoes, this is xiaobian to introduce how to buy anti-suede labor protection shoes. Feel free to leave a comment on Kameymall.  

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