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square tumbling mat air track 2022

Buy Square Air Tumble Mats For Tumbling Practice

Jun, 14, 2022

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Some time ago, I started gymnastics training, especially tumbling movements, including backflips. Probably because gymnastics promotes our physical fitness and gives me a good figure, I tried to start learning gymnastics. However, the question of what gymnastics mat I wanted to use was a big one, as I wanted to be able to practice at home just by myself, after all, there are so many online courses nowadays, so why should I spend money to sign up for a course?

air track mat
I decided to buy a square air track mat

After some research, I found the air tumble track, which is actually an inflatable gymnastics mat, perfect for home use. But it's the fact that it's inflatable that makes it suitable for use at home. Because it can be folded into a small piece and kept at home.

I've seen videos where people usually choose a long air track mat for tumbling, but I didn't hesitate to reject this idea. I'm a beginner and I thought that if I used this air track mat, I would probably land on my head and get seriously injured if I wasn't careful. It was a good thing that the online shop I chose could customise the size of the air track mat, so I didn't hesitate to order a square AIR TRACK MAT to prevent myself from falling over.


The backflip in place

Next, I'll share with you the process of the roll. The backflip is divided into three parts: the preparation part, the basic part and the end part.
Preparation: Start with the arms straight up against the palms of the ears, legs straight and close together, not too much space between the legs, chest in, back up, head in, chin slightly tucked, eyes looking straight ahead, then bend the knees and half squat while both arms swing from the front of the body to the sides of the body, upper body tense, continue to maintain the waist and head in a standing position.

Basic part: The stance at the end of the preparation part is the stance at the beginning of the basic part. Both legs are fully stirred, (the centre of gravity is slightly shifted back) both arms swing up quickly, rising to the highest point near the body's centre of gravity, then quickly gather the body with hands on the knees and flip 360° around the horizontal axis of the body's centre of gravity, when the flip is completed, the arms should be raised, the body extended and the legs released in time to be ready for the end part.

Ending section: After a short period of time in the air, you will enter the ending section. At this point, when the practitioner's body is extended and the two feet touch the ground, the forefoot slowly transitions to the full foot, while the ankle, knee and hip joints should be coordinated and flexed to make a good cushion, and finally into a standing position with both feet and arms up.


I hear you're wondering where I bought my air track mats, and that they actually offer a customization service. Let me tell you, I got them from Kameymall, which also offers customisation.

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