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How To Take Care Of Air Track Mats?

Mar, 05, 2022

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Everything we own asks for maintenance. No matter how easy they have made our lives, they will continue to do so if we take care of them properly. If we talk about sports equipment, they also need extra attention, because if they are not in good condition, the players will not be able to perform up to the mark. One of the pieces of sports equipment we will discuss here is air track mat. Air track mats have made things very easy for gymnasts, and it is like an evolution in the whole gymnastics training. They have replaced traditional tumble track mats, which were too bulky to store. They had steel springs or metal frames, which were harmful to gymnasts. But it doesn’t mean that these air track mats don’t require any aftercare. To increase their lifespan, we need to take several measures. Most gym mats have a lifespan of three years, but this can be increased with these steps-

air floor track
Cleaning the surface after every use

Once you are done using the air track mat, it is advised that the surface of the mat is thoroughly wiped and dried before keeping it back. This will ensure that all the bad bacteria clinging to our mats are swiped away; if the mat is slightly damp and stored in a dark place, the chances of the development of mounds and bacteria on the mat increase.

Avoiding sunlight is advised
These air track mats use vinyl for durability and support. This material becomes weak when it is in direct contact with humidity and sunlight. If the mat is exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, it can cause the shape of the mat to be damaged, which is unsafe for the gymnasts to use.

The right folding technique
The air track mats can’t be folded just like that. You need to follow the right way to fold them to avoid any tears on the mat. It is always advised to fold the amt along with its shape. The mats have seams alongside and across. Fold the mat with seams, and never fold it against seams.

When torn or worn, don't use it
Before every use of your mat, check your mat thoroughly. If the mat has the smallest hole, it is advised not to use it. It can pose a risk to your health and safety.

With the above steps and tips, you’ll be able to increase the lifespan of your air track mat and can use it for more than three years. Kameymall provides air track mats of guaranteed high-quality material which are easy to maintain.

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