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Difference Between Air Track Mats And Tumble Track Mats

Mar, 05, 2022

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Air track mat has taken place in every gymnast's place. They are even being used at homes. But sometimes, people are unable to differentiate between an air track mat and traditional tumble track mats. Here's how you can differentiate between both of them.

air floor track
What is a traditional tumble mat?

A tumble track is a trampoline platform that gymnasts and other acrobat athletes use to practice somersaults, flips, round-offs, and others. For the floor exercise, tumble tracks have been constructed by the classic gymnastics “tumbling” training. Because the dimensions of a competitive gymnastics floor are 42’ x 42’, most tracks are 40’ long.
What is an Air Track Mat?
Compared to tumble track mats, these mats are filled with air instead of steel springs or foam. These air tracks mats are designed to assist gymnasts in improving their abilities and confidence while developing their skills and strengths.
Apart from their definitions, there are many more features that make tumble track mats and air track mats different.

⮚Tumble Track Mat- These traditional mats are constructed of foam and covered with PVC vinyl. This design makes them hard to store as they are too bulky. Unlike competition spring floors, Tumble mats have synthetic padding for cushioning and safety. These mats are frequently split for ease of assembling, although they are cumbersome to store.
⮚Air Track Mats- Instead of steel springs or foam, these mats are filled with air. This offers them rebound properties that are more similar to those found on competitive spring tracks while also being gentler on your athlete’s body. Because of the air, they are light and easy to pick and store.

Rebound these mats provide
⮚Tumble Track Mats- On the tumble track mat, the techniques and skills taught are vastly different from those learned on the spring floor or dead floor. With timing suited to the slow stretched bounce off the trampoline fabric, skills tend to be elongated and slowed down. Tumble tracks are elevated 2 feet or more off the ground to allow an athlete to bounce without colliding with the ground.

⮚Air Track Mats- these mats allow players to bounce from a few inches to several feet in the air, speeding up their advancement and learning curve. It is as simple as pressing a button to change the pressure of an air track. Lowering the air track’s pressure will assist your athlete in acquiring new abilities faster by allowing them to take more turns and tumbling passes without putting additional strain on their joints and knees.

From an athlete’s point of view, these two differences make a whole new scenario for them. It depends on the floor a gymnast has practiced and how well they can perform in their competitions. Air track mats available at Kameymall are easy to maintain and have a good lifespan.

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