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To Make Zorb Balls More Durable

Apr, 11, 2022

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Have you heard of bubble football? It's a game where everyone puts on a zorb ball and works as a team to grab the football and try to get it into the other team's goal. The zorb ball is definitely the highlight of the game as there are no clear rules and everyone is allowed to run into each other as the zorb ball serves to protect the participants. So, today we are going to talk about how to make it last longer. If you have read our articles before, you will know that we have shared some advice in our previous articles.

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Keep out of direct light

We've already mentioned that when we don't need to use an inflatable zorb ball, it should be stored in a special bag. Today, we would like to add that when your foam zorb ball is not in use, keep it out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce the strength of the bubble zorb ball material and will therefore cause its lifespan to be drastically reduced. You can keep it in a place where there is no sunlight.

Don't over-inflate
Make sure you don't over-inflate the ball, otherwise it may burst because it can't take it. It would be a shame for such a good ball to break, so we need to protect it. We should read the instructions in detail before using it and inflate it to the exact amount indicated in the instructions.


Use a leak repair kit

If your foam football has developed some leaks, don't feel free to use any home-based treatment to recover from the problem; we recommend getting help from a professional repair kit. You can get a reliable repair kit from the manufacturer on Amazon.



If you want a taste of bubble football, then buy yourself a zorb ball and find a good group of friends. It is a team game after all. If you want to buy a xorb ball, welcome to Kameymall, which has a wide range of reliable zorb balls in different colours and sizes to choose from.

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