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Home news Product What Useful Mini Air Track Mats! (Part 1)
mini air track for fitness improving

What Useful Mini Air Track Mats! (Part 1)

Jun, 25, 2022

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As people's standard of living continues to rise and their educational philosophy is constantly being updated, sport is becoming more and more important. People want to enhance their physical fitness through physical exercise, so they welcome the development of sports activities. In this environment, both basic physical education in primary and secondary schools and professional physical education in universities have been further developed. These developments are related, on the one hand, to people's own perceptions and, on the other hand, to the increase in teaching equipment.

The mini air track mat is used more frequently in physical education and, despite its simple construction, it can be used in a variety of ways. Today, we would like to share some of the mini air track mats that can be used for this purpose. The mini air track mat has a wide range of applications, is effective in physical exercise and is highly functional. Here are some of the ways in which the mini air track mat can be used in sports activities.

inflatable air tumble track
Protective exercises


The reason why the mat is so widely used in physical education is that it can be used to carry out protective exercises. It is well known that although physical activity can be used to strengthen the body, there are also certain dangers in the process, so it is important to take protective measures. The use of small air track mats for protection during lower body strength training or upper body strength training can effectively reduce the damage caused by the equipment to the student's local position, and this can effectively protect the student's safety. The mats can be used for both the purpose of the activity and for the safety of the students.

Flexibility exercises


Flexibility exercises can also be actively carried out using the air track mat. For example, the mat can be used to perform seated forward bends and hurdle sits in some sports activities. These activities not only improve the flexibility of the muscles, but also extend the range of movement of the joint capsule. Active flexibility exercises in the preparation phase of a sporting activity provide effective protection against muscle strains, which is important for sporting safety. For example, flexibility exercises using small air track mats are essential in preparation for football or basketball activities.

Waist and abdominal strength exercises

Waist and abdominal exercises using a small air track mat are also very effective. Sit-ups, double-headers and back raises are currently part of the physical education curriculum and the main objective of these exercises is to train the waist and abdominal strength of the students. By using small air track mats, these activities can be carried out in a safer and more qualitative manner and the strength of the various muscle groups can be effectively improved in this way.



If you are a sporty person, and if you want to apply the mini air track to your own physical exercise, you can come to Kameymall and buy some mini air tracks.

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