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A Revolutionary Design Of Wireless Bra

Dec, 25, 2021

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Wireless push-up bras may not be new, most of them are padded to do all the heavy work, or sacrifice shape and support. Kameymall's new revolutionary patented design “Magic Push” pens up the possibility of a lightweight, comfortable and powerful high-quality lifting wireless bra.

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Who needs a push-up bra?

Push-up bras will help women with shallow breasts, muscular or slightly under-breasted women to add curves to the breasts. In addition, for women who point outwards in opposite directions, you also need to push east and west breasts to make them look tighter. However, if you have swinging or deflated breasts, a push-up bra may not be your cup of tea. Full coverage is preferable to push-up bras because it can provide you with better control and support.


What is "Magic Push"?
Our patented "Magic Push" is a unique internal support sling made of stretchable and elastic fabric, specifically designed to comfortably provide breasts with push-ups and enhanced push-in effects. "Magic Push" will bring your breasts closer together, and immediately lift the breasts, making the shape under the clothes fuller and smoother. This is completely a sexy bikini tailored for women.


Final words
Here is a small reminder: We recommend that you scoop the breast tissue over the support sling for best results. You can view the "dive and spoon" method here. The "Magic Push" series is now available in sizes from 32A to 38C. If you are larger than the D cup, wireless push-up bras may not be suitable for you, but you can still check out our powerful and beautiful wireless bras/bras here. Hope you will like the fit of our wireless bra, and feel free to comment.

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