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The Lingerie Shopping Hate Yet We Love Bras

Dec, 25, 2021

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"Who doesn't like shopping?" We guessed that no woman would reach out to this question. But if the question is: "Who doesn't like buying a bra? For many women, the answer may be completely different, and some women just hate it. To be honest, buying a bra can sometimes be a daunting, frustrating, and embarrassing experience. But can we turn this hate into love?


The “go-bra-shop” age

When we were teenagers, if you wanted to buy a bra, going to a bra shop seemed to be a must. Our mother told us that we need to try on and be installed by an experienced bra slimmer. However, it takes a lot of courage and determination to do this, simply because we can foresee that we need to show ourselves to a fairly stranger, a sexy bikini slimmer or a salesperson, to be measured, told, or even judged you uncomfortable. If the person is friendly and helpful, so much the better (it will help if she looks a little plump). But the aggressive type was common in the old days.

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Anything but bras?
Fortunately, it seems that anything can be purchased online now, as long as you have a gadget and an internet connection. So why not wear a bra? Most women still think that getting underwear like bras online is too risky and untouchable because the possibility of getting the wrong size and unfit style is quite high. For those remote residents who can't grab a good bra shop nearby, they will choose to shop online, just because they have no other viable options. Is it sad to hear? ? With the above situation, buying bras online has become more and more common, but the return of the wrong size is still inevitable.


Make bra shopping fun
Therefore, we have developed the "Get Fitted" online service in our online store Kameymall. This is a simple question and answers session that anyone can complete easily and comfortably at home. By completing it, for example, within 5 minutes, you can find a bra with recommended sizes and styles in a personalized store, which you can easily choose. Isn't it great ?

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