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Q&A For Human Hair Wigs

Mar, 24, 2022

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As the popular development of human hair wigs, there are more and more questions about this topic. There are some Q&A about human hair wigs as you can see.

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Is a real hair wig the best hair?

No, although it is real hair, but real hair is also divided into high, medium and low grade, there are cheap bubble hair, slightly better cut hair and high-end smooth braid hair, the material is different price, and the feel is also different.

Can wigs be trimmed and dyed by themselves?
Yes, but only if it is real hair, and it is best to have an experienced hairdresser Oh, otherwise it is not repairable. When perming, the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees!

Will my wig fall out if I wear it bareheaded?
No, the full head set of wigs inside the net will be all wrapped around the head, and the full head set is generally divided into even size and large size, hair net with adjustable buckle, and now there are wigs with non-slip silicone, if you need strenuous exercise, you can use the wig special film fixed.

How long can a wig be used for ?
Rough workmanship, poor material wig generally a few weeks on the waste, and good process good material wig, good care can be used for two to three years, but then good wig without their own scalp to provide nutrition, more than three years basic hair quality is not good.

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