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Interesting Games With Air Track Mats

Mar, 24, 2022

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Have you ever played games with an air track mat? A wide variety of games can be designed with air track mats, which are beneficial to the development of children. For this reason, air track mats are used in many kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. Many teachers will use the air track mat to design a variety of games for the children to play. Today I would like to share with you three games that you can bookmark if you are also a kindergarten teacher.

23 foot air track

Together in the Boat

Objective: To develop integrated movement skills and teamwork.
Method: Divide students into equal groups and stand in columns on a air track mat laid out behind the starting line. At the beginning of the game, the whole team cooperates with each other and passes the air track mat at the end of the row to the head of the row by hand in turn, the head of the row receives the mat and immediately places it in front of the first bed air track mat. The whole team moves forward one air track mat in unison and so on, the first team to reach the start point wins.


Frog Unit
Objective: To develop bouncing ability and teamwork.
Method: Divide students equally into groups and stand in columns on one side of the "river". At the beginning of the game, the first student at the head of each group jumps from the back gymnastics mat to the front gymnastics mat using the method of standing long jump, and the second student, after waiting for the first student to jump to the front gymnastics mat, immediately picks up the back gymnastics mat and moves it over the first student's head to the appropriate position in front of them. The first student then jumps forward onto the gymnastics mat. One by one, one by one, until the student who jumps jumps onto the opposite bank of the "river", and when they return, they exchange, and so on, with the last two returning to the "river bank" and lifting the gymnastics mat as the end signal.


Working together
Objective: To develop bouncing and co-ordination skills and to develop teamwork.
Method: Students work in groups of two, with the back students putting their hands on the shoulders of the front students and holding a gymnastics mat under their hips behind the starting line. The game begins, each group of two people cooperate, crotch clip gymnastics mat quickly jump to the end, the first group to jump to the finish line wins.


Where to buy gymnastics mats
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