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Home news Product Zorbing With Your Girlfriend (Part 4)
to prepare a zorb ball 2022

Zorbing With Your Girlfriend (Part 4)

Jun, 18, 2022

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In the previous three articles I have described the rules of zorbing and recommended it for you and your girlfriend to play together. Firstly, the zorb ball has just enough room for two people and this game can be a two-person game for you. Secondly, the game is so new that your girlfriend probably hasn't played it either, but its popularity in Europe and the USA is another testament to its fun factor. In addition, it is a very exciting game. Your girlfriend will be braver and better able to experience the game in your company. Finally, during the game you will have plenty of opportunities to watch the green grass and the blue sky alternate with the white clouds.

Kameymall recommended

Did the reasons mentioned above strike you? If so, are you asking me where you can buy such an amazing zorb ball? Why do I recommend Kameymall to you? Today, let me share with you what the advantages of zorb balls from Kameymall are.

Reliable ingredients

In this shop, zorb balls are mainly made from PVC. pvc, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the world's most widely produced plastic products and is widely used. pvc is a white or light yellow powder and cannot be used on its own, but must be modified. pvc can be divided into soft pvc and hard pvc. soft pvc is generally used for flooring, ceilings and the top layer of leather, while hard pvc does not contain softener, so it is flexible, easy to shape, not easy to brittle, and non-toxic and non-polluting, long preservation time, so it has a great value of development and application. In fact, the essence of pvc is a vacuum blister film, mainly used for all kinds of panel surface packaging, so it is also known as decorative film, attached adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, pharmaceutical and many other industries. The building materials industry accounts for the largest proportion of these, followed by the packaging industry and a number of other smaller applications. Because of its high chemical stability, pvc is used to make anti-corrosion pipes, fittings, oil pipelines, centrifugal pumps and blowers. PVC rigid sheets are widely used in the chemical industry to make linings for various tanks, corrugated sheets for buildings, window and door structures, wall decorations and other construction materials.

Zorb balls made of PVC have many advantages, such as abrasion resistance and puncture resistance, and they are even waterproof and insulated. This ensures that you are completely safe in the game.

A wide range of options

In fact, the zorb ball is so versatile that it can also be used as a walking bubble ball on water, in addition to zorbing. You can even choose to use smaller bubble balls, which only cover the upper body and head, to experience a wide range of games. And for all these uses you can find zorb balls at Kameymall. And, as long as you are between 1.4m and 2.3m tall, you can find a zorb ball for you.

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