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Enjoy A Zorb Ball On The Beach

Mar, 12, 2022

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Summer is coming. If you are making a perfect beach plan, zorb ball will be a very interesting friend. Can you imagine a lot of colorful and giant inflatable balls floating on the sea? How beautiful scenery! Except playing volleyball on the beach, basking in the sun and reading, zorbing will be another surprise for you.

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What is a water zorb ball?

This ball is a giant, transparent, and inflatable circle that allow you to get inside. And you can get into it, then walk on the surface of water, or even play games with others on flat ground.

Some zorb balls have one opening, some even have two. It will make sure you have enough air when you get into it. Also, it's actually consists of two separate balls, a larger outer ball and a smaller inner ball. The distance between the two balls is approximately 60 cm, which provides shock absorption.



Zorbing on the sea
This sport give us a chance to have fun on the water. In this way, we can improve our coordination balance ability and movements of the body by walking through the exercise on the water. Water zorbing activity was found to be most consistent with the coordination of body and systemic movement with the popularity of the games, the introduction of transformation, become a recreation characteristics of water sports suitable for mass movement. You can pour some water into the zorb ball and roll it on the sea.



Why do you choose a zorb ball from Kameymall?
Are you interesting in this fun activity? Browse through our Kameymall and get ready for the beach day that you are looking forward to. We provide various zorb balls that come in different sizes and colors. Hope you will get your favorite zorb ball.

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