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How To Release Our Pressure During Exercise

Dec, 30, 2021

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The working hours of office workers are almost fixed. They seem to be very short, but they face all kinds of pressure. So how do office workers release pressure? The close relationship between exercise and health allows us to use exercise to release pressure and maintain health. Kameymall will introduce related sports.


Swimming can not only exercise the myocardium and increase the blood output of the heart but also strengthen the respiratory function and increase vital capacity. Regular swimmers can not only maintain a symmetrical figure but also have white shopping skin.

Pedal operation
Aerobics on the pedal is the action and step of doing all kinds of Aerobics on the pedal. This is a very fashionable fitness and leisure sport, aiming at the lower limbs and hips. The advantage of pedal aerobics over general aerobics lies in its good safety. It is especially suitable for office workers who want to improve their lower limbs and hips.

Indoor squash
Indoor squash is a fast-paced sport, which can enable participants to get a large amount of exercise in a short time. Playing squash often can promote people's endurance, explosive power, cardiopulmonary function, tendon strength, and other functions. At the same time, it can also greatly improve people's physical coordination, reaction and judgment ability, psychological endurance, and self-control ability. It is most suitable for young male workers.

Zorb ball
Zorb ball is a new sport. It can make you sweat and release the pressure.

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