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What Are The Differences Between Anti-Static And Insulated Safety Shoes

Apr, 20, 2022

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Nowadays, safety shoes are becoming more and more common in our lives. Safety shoes are also used for a wide range of purposes. In general, safety shoes can be divided into smash-proof safety shoes, acid and alkali-proof safety shoes, waterproof safety shoes, slip-proof safety shoes, oil-proof safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes and insulating safety shoes. There are many different types of safety shoes. We can choose the right safety shoes according to our working environment.

In this case, it is important to understand the differences in function between different safety shoes. There are differences between men's safety shoes and safety shoes for women, which are easy to distinguish. However, many people cannot tell the difference between anti-static safety shoes and insulated safety shoes. We've touched on some of these in the last article, so today we're here to find out more.

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The differences

Generally speaking, those with a resistance greater than 1012Ω are insulated, while those with a resistance greater than 106Ω and less than 1012Ω are anti-static. Insulating rubber is non-conductive, anti-static materials are conductive, but the resistance value is relatively high and the standard requirement is between 106-109. Most of the anti-static materials used in the electronics industry, in the process of use, friction are not generated static electricity, thus playing a role in the protection of electronic products.

Anti-static is a coefficient indicator between insulation and electrical conductivity. Anti-static safety shoes can be worn by the general public.

Anti-static safety shoes are used to prevent accidents caused by sparks from static electricity. It is added to the bottom of the shoe anti-static safety shoes conductive wire, can be the human body accumulation of static electricity into the ground. They are generally used in special gases, petroleum, petrochemical and other flammable and explosive places. Because it is mainly used to release the static electricity generated by the human body itself. Nowadays, anti-static safety shoes are not only used in petrochemical industry, but also widely used in electronic enterprises such as precision electronics, components, optical instruments, pharmaceutical enterprises, etc.

Insulated safety shoes can only be used by maintenance electricians at work to reduce the risk of electrocution. It is generally worn by electricians to prevent electrocution due to the generation of stride voltage, and also to prevent electrocution accidents due to ground conductivity.


These are some of the differences between anti-static safety shoes and insulated safety shoes. Then, if your working environment has a need for various safety shoes, you are welcome to Kameymall to purchase them.

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