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know Something About Non-Slip Safety Shoes

Apr, 20, 2022

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Do you know anything about safety shoes? Today I'm going to introduce you to non-slip safety shoes.

Anti-slip safety shoes are a type of safety footwear that is designed to be slip resistant and wear resistant through the choice of materials used in the outsole and the design of the sole pattern. Anti-slip safety shoes are available for both men and women. Safety shoes for women, in particular, may be designed to look better. Let's find out more about them today.

safety shoes
The working environment of anti-slip safety shoes

Slips, trips or falls at the same height are common accidents in areas with oiled workshop floors or on floors with water on the ground or in slippery outdoor areas. When assessing the level of slip resistance, consideration needs to be given to the ground, contaminants, footwear, personal factors of the pedestrian, cleanliness and the environment. In addition to engineering controls and administrative measures, wearing appropriate slip resistant safety footwear is an effective risk control measure to reduce the occurrence of such accidents.

Understanding slip resistant safety footwear

Wearing the right non-slip safety footwear can help to reduce accidents. In order to choose the right non-slip safety footwear, it is important to refer to the non-slip test report and to ensure that the test conditions are appropriate for the actual application.
Slip in safety shoes occurs when the friction between the sole and the ground is reduced to a certain level. Many anti-slip safety shoes have an outsole pattern that focuses specifically on how they are designed to resist slipping, with two main methods of anti-slip movement being applied: grip and adsorption.

For slip resistant safety shoes, those with rubber soles are more slip resistant than those with polyurethane soles. Safety shoes with the same rubber sole, with a deeper grain, such as a large grain outsole, and a deeper complex grain will have better slip resistance.

However, polyurethane elastomers have been used in high performance safety footwear for almost 40 years and are becoming increasingly accepted for their versatility in formulation, low weight options and exceptional durability in safety footwear soles.


If you are looking to buy a pair of non-slip safety shoes then you could pay a visit to Kameymall. The safety shoes here are not only powerful but also well designed.

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