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Home news Solving Difficulties How To Repair Leaking Zorb Balls? (Part 2)
the zorb ball popular with youngsters

How To Repair Leaking Zorb Balls? (Part 2)

Aug, 03, 2022

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Similar to the previous article, the zorb ball in the picture is placed on a grassy area with a certain slope, but it has a somewhat different appearance and size from the one in the previous article. It is a zorb ball with a diameter of 2.5 metres, which can also be used for zorbing.

As we all know, zorbing is quite an exciting game and you won't get bored of it just because you play it once. So if you buy a zorb ball and it unfortunately breaks or leaks, you better learn how to fix it, because it is not cheap and fixing a zorb ball is not difficult. Today, we are going to share the steps to fix the zorb ball.

zorb ball

Step 1: Find the right spot

As mentioned above, gloves, pens/markers, scissors, glue, tape etc. are all you need to fix the zorb ball. First of all, you need to find the location of the perforation. Inflate the ball and you will be able to find the hole that allows the air to escape. Another sign of finding the hole is the appearance of an air bubble. Once you've found the spot, use your pen or marker to mark it in a circle to indicate it.

Step 2: Patch it up!

Take out your tape and cut out some round strips to patch the hole. Make sure the tape is ready to use once you have started to fully inflate the ball so that all the sealing process happens at a very fast pace and not too much air comes out. This will be a temporary patch before you start working with super glue. So make sure you use a strong tape that can successfully seal the puncture for several hours.

Step 3 Superglue to the rescue

Put on your gloves and cut a strip from the tape again. But this time, cut it bigger. Now take the super glue and apply it to the sticky side of the tape. In the meantime, you need someone who can inflate the balls side by side. Apply this new permanent patch to the temporary one to completely seal the perforations.

Step 4 Wait for it to dry

Allow the patch to dry at normal room temperature for about an hour or two. Once it is completely dry, you have completed the repair and your ball is ready for some fun ball rolling!


Now you know the repair part and its procedure, pretty good right? Well, if you want to buy a zorb ball, recognise Kameymall as it can offer you great deals. For example, the zorb ball in the picture was originally priced at $616, but now you can get it for just $462.

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