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Pick Suitable Tank Tops Based On Exercise Intensity

Apr, 06, 2022

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We need to wear sports tank tops when we exercise. So, as girls who love sports, how do we choose sports women's tank tops? Today, we want to share with you how to choose the right women's tank top according to your exercise intensity.

Choose based on exercise intensity

There are three main types of exercise intensity based on heart rate: low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity.

And according to the intensity of exercise to choose the corresponding supportive sports underwear, also divided into low, medium and high strength support sports underwear, generally on the packaging can find the corresponding label.

Low-intensity sports: general fitness, such as hiking, yoga, Pilates. These sports require less fixation of the sports tank top, so a simple fixed bra is usually sufficient. A simple fixed bra is one that has a layer of elastic mesh fabric fixed, which is a pressure type of fixation. It is advisable to choose a product with a high cotton content to avoid pressure on the chest.

Medium-intensity sports: to increase your skills, e.g. skiing, golf, dance, rock climbing, etc. Medium-intensity sports underwear mainly relies on the elastic fabric to form a certain pressure on the breasts and thus achieve a fixed effect. Compared to low-intensity sports underwear, the cut requirements are more stringent. The shape of the breasts, their structure and the forces on the back of the shoulders must be taken into account.

High-intensity sports: increase cardiorespiratory capacity, plasticity, e.g. running, football, tennis, etc. High-intensity sports are the most intense in terms of chest movement and require the highest level of support and fixity in sports underwear. It is important to have good fixation and not to cause significant discomfort and pressure on the chest.

In summary: the more intense the exercise, the bigger the CUP, the higher the support requirements for sports underwear!

Cute Black Tank Tops

Don't blindly subscribe to just one size

Because the main function of a sports tank top is emphasized: to strengthen the encapsulation of the chest and reduce the shock resistance during exercise, it will be more elastic than a normal tank top and will definitely be a little tighter to wear than normal underwear. So if you wear a 70B in this brand, you may have to wear a 75B in another brand of underwear to get the right fit.

Furthermore, different brands of sports underwear will have their own categories of support and brand sizes will vary, so don't be too blind to just buy one size fits all. Don't choose your sports tank top size based solely on the size of the underwear you normally wear.

If you've already decided what size women's tank top to buy, then welcome to Kameymall, where you'll find a wide range of women's tank tops in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. We're sure you'll find the perfect fit. Join us in sporting a women's tank top!

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