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Why Not Try Rolling On The Grass?

Oct, 26, 2022

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Have you ever heard of a zorb ball? Do you want to try rolling on the grass like a little hamster? If you want to experience the fun of rolling on the grass, then why not buy a zorb ball and play with it?

What is a zorb ball?

As the picture shows, it is an inflatable zorb ball. This zorb ball is not the same as a normal zorb ball, it is not a sphere, but a round tube shape. The diameter of this zorb ball is 2.5 meters, you can experience the fun of rolling in this zorb ball together with your friends. It is made of 0.8mm PVC. So this zorb ball has many advantages. For example, it is wear-resistant, lightweight, waterproof, etc. So you can roll not only on the grass, but also on the water. Because it is inflatable, you don't have to worry about storing it to take up space. In fact, it's easy to store and it has a small footprint.


You can play zorb ball with your family or friends

Playing with zorb balls is great fun at parties or picnics. You stay with your friends or family and roll the ball around on the grass. Just like a hamster. That's why this zorb ball is also known as the human hamster ball. You just push forward with your hand and the zorb ball will slowly roll, the faster you push, the faster the zorb ball will roll. Isn't that a fun activity?


Where can I buy zorb balls?

If you are interested in this game, or if you are interested in this zorb ball, you are welcome to buy these zorb balls from Kameymall. We offer not only this zorb ball shown in the picture, but also other styles of zorb balls that you are welcome to buy.

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