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How To Reduce Injury Risk Both For Players And Supervisors?

Nov, 15, 2022

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No matter whether you are a player or supervisor, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is to ensuring safety in the process of playing a zorb ball. But the problem is how to achieve that. Today, we are going to introduce some tips to you from the perspective of players and supervisors. Just read the following part together and maybe you will use them one day.

Being careful all the time

Tips for supervisors

As a supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of both yourself and all players. Therefore, knowing some safety tips is rather important. Before guiding your players to play a zorb ball, make sure that all of them know how to handle their balls, which is the essential step of zorbing. In addition, offering your players with safety handouts and asking them to read them carefully before zorbing are also necessary. As for the playing field, choose a flat place with small slopes, such as grassland. Avoid busy streets or pavements, or the safety of all people will be threatened.

As a supervisor, you need to know that less is better. Try to control the number of participants of zorbing. Too many people will cause problems to your work. Preparing some rules for your players and asking them to comply with in the process of zorbing are a good way to reduce the burden of your job.

Tips for players

As a player, your safety can not completely be relied on your supervisor. You need to make a contribution to your safety as well. Try to know as much knowledge about zorbing as possible in advance. Tell your supervisor your real health condition. If you drink alcohol or take medicine, do not play a zorb ball. Make sure that you will not bump others with the top of your zorb ball, or you will be a threat for the safety of others.

Safety comes first, then it is enjoyment

As a supervisor, you need to be careful for the safety of yourself and others. As a player, you need to focus on your safety and try not to be a threat to others. In addition to these tips, you need to prepare for a quality zorb ball which you will find at Kameymall. We are waiting for you there.

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