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Is It Safe To Use Your Air Track Outside?

Dec, 18, 2021

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Yes, of course. If you can’t give yourself a different space for training, it is a pity! After making sure that there are no sharp objects on the grass, then it can be set up on grass exactly in the same way you do on a regular floor. (Tips: sticks, rocks, pine cones, or anything else that could damage the air track.)

Place the air track on the lawn/terrace after removing pebbles and other sharp objects. We recommend that you place an underlay under your mat, such as a blanket, felt, tarpaulin, etc.

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Are these rough surfaces suitable to place an air track?

An air track can be set up on many surfaces like grass, concrete, sand, and even water. Some of these surfaces may require simple treatment to make sure that your air track is not damaged while in use. This mat can almost be put on any place as long as you make sure there are no dangerous objects.


Do skills on the air track safely
Although the air track is placed on a hard or rough surface, you can safely train jumps and flips on it without being worried about landing too hard. It provides the bounce, which gives more air and power to your jumps. You can adjust the bounciness of the mat by changing the pressure. With maximum pressure, the air track can feel hard. On the contrary, if you lower the pressure, it will be more flexible and softer. You can find the proper pressure by adjusting a different kinds of pressure levels.

It can also soften the landing to keep you safe if you don’t play tricks as planned. Please remember not to try jumping from high places onto the mat as it is not designed to be a landing mat.


Choose an air track
After reading this blog, if you are considering purchasing an air track mat, welcome to the Kameymall, a website that supplies so many types of these mats, there are different colors, sizes, and shapes for you to choose from. Buy an air track and offer you more space for training.

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