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How To Do A Front Walkover (Chapter 1)

Dec, 18, 2021

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Learning how to do a front walkover is an essential skill for gymnastics, cheering and all tumbling. Whether in the playing field or in the trampoline park, you will find that the use of this trick is everywhere!

Before diving into the mechanisms of a front walkover, you should first learn to be able to safely perform handstands and bridging. Mastering these skills will make it easier for you to tack the front walkover. By combining some basic skills, you will quickly learn and use the techniques of front walkover! Let's follow Kameymall to break down these simple steps below.

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Performing a front walkover

Start in a lunge position with one leg in front of the other. The arm is strong above the head and begins to stretch forward in a T-level position. Kick your hind legs upwards like a handstand to push your lower body in the air. Instead of holding your legs together like an upside-down, keep your legs apart and your hind legs dragged behind you. Straighten your front legs and gently fall into your bridge. Lift your arms up to the ceiling and stand up straight to complete your front walk.


Front walkover safety
Whether you're trying to practice this skill in a trampoline park or in your living room at home, putting your own safety first is paramount. First, you need to clear any obstacles in the surrounding area, find an observer who can support your weight, and always use a padded pad like the air track at your landing site.

To avoid injuries and strains, warm-up before trying any new moves. You can first increase your body heat by exercising such as jumping or jogging. When your body starts to warm up, you can start your exercise.

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