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If You Are A Zorbing Supervisor, What Should You Do?

Nov, 01, 2022

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If you are a zorbing supervisor, what should you do to ensure the safety of all players? Do you have any idea when asked this question? There are many details that a professional supervisor should know before he starts to guide players to do zorbing. What are they? In the following, we will offer them to you so that you can lead your players to play zorb balls better. Read them carefully and they will be helpful.

Ensure safety is to ensure your career

Before start to do zorbing games, as a supervisor, you need to make sure that all players know how to handle their zorb balls. You need to ensure that they all have accepted relevant training courses. If not, send them to have these courses right now.

Telling safety tips to your players is also important. You are suppposed to tell them by yourself before zorbing. And if you still worry that they don’t keep these tips in mind, giving away some safety handouts and setting quiz games for them are also good ideas, which will help you know whether they have undestood these tips completely.

When it comes to wearing zorb balls, as a supervisor, you need to ensure that all players have their balls covered at least 8 inches above their head, which is necessary and of great importance. This will greatly protect their head if an accident is unavoidable.

When players are playing zorb balls, as a supervisor, you need to control their distance and speed. They should not stand too close with each other, or accidents will take place. And their speed should not be too fast, or they will bump into others or feel tired quickly.

Last but not least, pay special attention to those that you think they are aggressive or bold. They are potential risks of zorbing games. If they show any signs of doing dangerous movements, stop zorbing games immediately, which will greatly ensure the safety of everyone.

Responsible for everyone

As a supervisor, you need to be responsible for every player. But there is one thing that is more important than these safety tips. That is to buy quality zorb balls, which is the basis of ensuring safety. Come to Kameymall where you can find zorb balls with best quality.

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