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An Exercise for Gymnasts

Jan, 10, 2022

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An exercise that can help gymnasts strengthen their chest, shoulders, and back muscles, then how to start it?


Barbell / Toning Bar

1. Let your gymnast lie on the back between two folded panel mats with his arms above his head. His head must keep between the mats, but his hands and wrists should go beyond the mats so that after lifting the barbell over his head for a full range of exercises, the barbell almost touches the floor.

2. To be safe, when your gymnast is lying between them, the folded air track must be a few inches high then your gymnast. The bar must be long enough so that each end can rest on the center of one of the mats. The bar will be lifted from and returned to the mats without touching your gymnast. There should be enough clearance for your gymnast to slide in or out while the bar rests on the mats. These mats will also help prevent the bar from touching him. If one mat on each side is not high enough, please use two folded mats on each side.

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3. After setting up the mats, place the bar on the mats and make sure it will not fall between the mats or roll-off.

4. Once the mats and bar are in place, have your gymnast sit between the mats, slide his legs under the bar and lie down. She should position himself so that the bar is above the hips.

5. After positioning, ask your gymnast to grab the barbell and straighten his arms. Instruct your gymnast to keep his arms straight, but not to lock them.

6. Remember not to move the barbell to an unsafe starting position.

7. Next, ask him to lift the bar up toward the ceiling and then toward the floor above his head to simulate a cast to handstand motion with his upper body.

8. Tell your gymnast to continue to hold the bar safely and then allow him to lift the bar off the floor, toward the ceiling again, and then lower it to the mat above the hips to simulate a kip with the upper body.


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