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Air Tracks’ Features

Jan, 10, 2022

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Air track is an ideal option for vaulting, cheerleading, hand-to-hand fighting, and other school sports. It is also a nice landing stage for competition, ensuring protection and durability.



Air track from Kameymall is softer than foam, more bouncy than a spring floor. Designed for keeping users safe and comfortable, the air track will not twist or bend even with constant handling and helps reduce shock easily and significantly. The air track features four carrying handles and a built-in valve for easy inflation and deflation. Storage is as easy and it saves much room. And can be used for both indoor and outdoor.

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An electric air pump that works powerfully and safely usually comes with an air track. Powered by AC, the air pump features a powerful 500-watt motor, three nozzles for different applications, it is so pretty to use.

As it is lightweight and portable, you can use it anywhere. Last but not least, the air pump is also equipped with a hose and a standard Australian plug.

Professional training materials, air tracks for gymnastics. We offer professional training products of high quality that are super strong, quiet, and safe. This permits each athlete to perform to the most extreme and limits the danger of wounds. A perfect option for every gymnast!


Best quality air tracks

Kameymall conveys safe preparation items that help customers develop their ability and keep their healthy life. Air tracks are made of top-notch materials and are essentially hermetically sealed on the grounds that the tracks are totally stuck. They are made by utilizing Double Wall Fabric (DWF).

Our air track has given the best results to our customers, and we are always there to help them. Customer is satisfactory of our service and we never compromise on that. So, give us a call and let us know.

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