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Home news Product Which Air Track for Gymnastic Exercises Should You Choose
air track tumble mat from Kameymall

Which Air Track for Gymnastic Exercises Should You Choose

Feb, 02, 2022

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Many people - owners of martial arts or dance schools, gyms, training rooms - wonder which air track for gymnastic exercises to choose so that people training on it are completely safe? In today's blog post, I will try to answer this question. And I will also consider how much space such products take, whether they are suitable for private use at home, and who can afford it.

best air tumble track

List of desirable characteristics

Which air track for gymnastic exercises should you choose to be comfortable and safe to use? The desirable features in this case are:
With good elasticity: this parameter affects the overall comfort of using this type of sports equipment. On a air track with good elasticity, it is easier to turn over, and it is easier to get up,
Soft - modern Air Tracks are made of softer materials than classic air tracks, thanks to which the user is even more comfortable,
With the possibility of expansion - some models of a sports air track can be expanded by adding additional elements - a runway path, gymnastic slope, or a balance beam. air track can also cover the entire floor in a training room so that you can safely perform various exercises and acrobatics on every centimeter of space,
easy to carry - an exercise air track can weigh several dozen or even several hundred kilograms, so it is important to choose a model with special handles that make it easier to transport and install the equipment in the preferred place,
Protecting against stress - a good air track protects against joint strain and absorbs possible impacts, which are ubiquitous when training various martial arts, acrobatics, and other disciplines.


I recommend
Which products from my assortment can be used as a air track for gymnastic exercises? It's worth checking out the air tracks - inflatable gymnastic mat. In addition to the variants visible on the product page, it is also possible to order a model tailored to your personalized needs.


For small-sized gymnastic exercises?
For small spaces, inflatable solutions that can be disassembled when not in use are definitely the best option. What air track for gymnastic exercises will work in a small area - a small gym or a private apartment? The above-mentioned inflatable mat takes up a lot of space and weighs - depending on its size. Fortunately, my assortment also includes much smaller and more handy proposals, air track gymnastic mat in the smallest size, 6 meters. It takes up much less space than the other air tracks and less weight. The smallest, lightest, and cheapest are inflatable round air tracks.


Summary and conclusions
Summarizing the topic of this article, which air track for gymnastic exercises should you choose? The parameters that should be taken into account when purchasing are material, elasticity, the possibility of adding additional elements, quality, and durability. For a small area or for private use, air tracks from Kameymall will be perfect, which - if not in use - can be simply pumped out of the air, so they take up much less space.

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