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Ways to Make Your Gym Even More Awesome with An Air Track

Feb, 02, 2022

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The air track has to be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym. With something so valuable, it's easy for trainees to take it for granted or not fully utilize its capabilities. Here are some great ways to use an air track to enhance your training and improve upon the workout you're already doing.

6 metre air track
How to use it?

-The air track allows for explosive jumping movements such as box jumps that build lower body power and explosiveness in your athletes
-Use resistance bands on injured or weak muscle groups during warm-ups or cooldowns. Resistance bands can provide variable loads, which can be adjusted based on how much assistance is desired/needed by the athlete at any given moment (see videos below).
-You can perform air squats using an air track for unstable surface training. This helps improve balance and proprioception, which are crucial for athletes who rely on these skills in their sport.
-You can use an air track as a substitute for a bench or box that you might typically use to elevate your feet during air squats or hip thrusts. Not having the air track high enough could cause some people's heels to elevate slightly. Feel free to put down some paper plates if this is an issue, so there is no heel elevation whatsoever.
-You can perform rebound tuck jumps or rebound tuck sit-ups on an air track by placing both hands on the back of your head and pulling yourself up into a tuck position. You can perform these at a fast or slow tempo depending on your training goal.
-You can place the air track lengthwise against a wall to create an air track sled for body weight back extensions. If you have sticky mats, this is an excellent way to do sled drags with minimal wear and tear on your equipment.

Our conclusion
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