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Try This Exciting Game-Zorb Ball

Dec, 21, 2021

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Have you heard of the new word “zorbing”? It is a new activity in the world, and it is very popular with the people in New Zealand, America, Canada, etc. If you haven't personally experienced the feeling of riding in a zorb ball, it is a pity! Go out and try this exciting game.

inflatable zorbing ball

Zorbing, what is it?

Zorbing is a kind of a new and extreme activity outdoors, it may make you dizzy. This is not a way to scare you, does it sounds incredible?

A zorb ball is a large bubble made of plastic (PVC), which contains another bubble of the same material, with a great interior. A sphere with a diameter of 1.5~2.5m.

People can enter the zorb ball through a passage in the form of a tunnel because two handles that are above the shoulders can be and is fixed with a belt. In this way participants harnessed can get a grass slope at any speed and discover unique sensations. You can also ride the zorb ball on the water, water zorbing is also a fun and thrilling sports game.


Zorbing in different sites
Some zorb lovers came up with many ideas to ride zorb balls in different ways. For example, from the top of a hill and landed in a pond! (race, etc). Make flat earth the place for a race or a relay. Make a route (race) or you can imagine that it crosses a pond or ponds, etc. It is perfect for forming a team on the beach. We can use these areas for battles. Depending on the different sites, people will organize various activities to get more fun.


Buy a zorb ball
If you are planning to purchase a zorb ball, browse through Kameymall and get ready for everything you like. We provide various zorb balls to meet different customer needs. Hope you will have a good time.

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