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The Simple Description About Zorb Balls

Dec, 15, 2021

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That big ball people get inside of is called a zorb ball, and zorbing is just a kind of sport that you can do with your friends and family. Do you want to try some fun sports on a leisurely weekend? Are you looking for team-building activities with colleagues? Zorbing may be a good choice.


What exactly is zorbing?

In fact, a zorbing ball is a giant, transparent, and inflatable ball that you get inside and use to walk on the surface of the water, riding down a hill is also a good choice for you, and sometimes even you can race with your friends on flatter ground.

giant plastic ball

It was originally created in New Zealand. And today, this country is still home to some of the most interesting zorbing locations and tracks.

Only those who have personally experienced zorb balls can get the fun it brings to you. Especially if you’re in an area with mostly flat land, some zorbing courses may even build a smaller, roller coaster-like track for you to roll a zorb ball.


The structure of the zorb ball
Zorb balls are actually two separate balls, a larger outer ball and a smaller inner one. There is a distance of approximately 60 cm between the two balls, which helps to reduce the shock absorption for the rider. The two balls are connected by many smaller pieces of ropes, which are also responsible for making the balls turn.

A zorb ball provides one or two openings that allow you to get inside and out of it (they also help to make sure you’re getting enough air while in the all.)


Different games for zorb ball
Except for rolling down the hill, you can also use this ball for zorbing on the lake or the ocean to make your dream of walking on water come true. You can also pour a good amount of water into a zorb ball, and see how long you’re able to stand up and walk without slipping and sliding around (result: very few people can hold on for a long time.)


Where to buy a zorb ball?
Now, are you considering choosing a zorb ball for yourself? Kameymall is a great website, which provides a number of kinds of these balls. We hope that you can buy your favorite zorb ball.

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