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How To Set Up An Air Track Mat

Apr, 21, 2022

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Some of you may notice a new trending in the air track mat. Have you seen the new and cool air pressure track that replace the old landing mats made of foam?

Meter Air Track

Set up an air track mat

Firstly, prepare a place for you to lay the air track mat, preferably a clean, flat surface.
Secondly, take it out and unfold it completely.
Third, attach the adapter to the hose and connect it to the air pump. Lock it in place
Fourth, insert the adapter into the valve of the open air rail and twist it to lock.
Fifth, you can turn on the air pump to inflate it and wait until it is full. You can check the pressure by testing it with your hand.
Sixth, turn off the air pump and disconnect the hose. Check that the pin in the valve comes out? Because it should be. Also, check for any air leaks.
Finally, screw the valve cap into place and your air hose is ready for use.
How to care for your gymnastic air mattress
After using your air mattress, you should always wash it with water and soft soap. Then dry it before folding it.
Fold it into thirds lengthways and store it in a dry place.


The air track is not designed to be used as a floor mat, so please do not attempt to jump from high places.
Do not use the air track when it is damaged, leaking or when parts are worn or missing.
The pressure you should use depends on the product, the type of exercise, the skill level and the weight of the user. It always uses enough pressure, do not run out, and refill before each new session.


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