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Buy A Zorb Ball Or Rent One?

Apr, 21, 2022

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The upcoming May Day International Labour Day has five days off. What will you be doing on this holiday? I would like to go and experience the zorb ball.

We have already covered what the zorb ball is, how to play it, where you can play it and so on in our previous articles. However, many of you have read my previous introduction and have a doubt, do we want to buy a zorb ball ourselves or rent one? It is true that there are now many companies that deal with zorb balls for rent and you can rent a zorb ball from these companies for a lower price. In my opinion, to decide whether to rent one or buy one, we need to consider the following factors.

Human Zorb Ball

Whether you play regularly

If you are an avid zorb ball player, very much a thrill seeker and enjoy experiencing all kinds of exciting entertainment, then we would recommend that you buy a zorb ball yourself. If you play regularly, then each time you hire a zorb ball it is a single purchase, which will certainly add up to more money than buying one.


How many people play

Many games using zorb balls are available today, such as bubble football. Bubble football only requires between 4 and 6 participants and if you play these games regularly with your friends, you are better off buying some zorb balls yourself as this is not generally offered in gravity parks or amusement parks. At Gravity Park, you will most likely only experience the zorb ball in the traditional way, by rolling down the slope with the zorb ball.


Where to buy a zorb ball

Have you thought about buying or renting a zorb ball? If you want to buy one, you can buy reliable, high quality zorb balls of different sizes and designs at Kameymall. In fact, if you play the zorb ball regularly, or if you like to play games about the zorb ball, then we recommend that you buy one.

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