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Set Zorb Balls In Your Amusement Park

Apr, 21, 2022

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Are you an amusement park or gravity park operator? What kind of thrill rides do you have at your amusement park? I bet there are roller coasters, jumbo hammers, jumpers, etc. This is because they are very popular with young people. Young people like to feel the thrill because thrill rides can make them feel relaxed and bring them a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Today I would like to recommend a new thrill ride to all amusement park managers, the zorb ball. Why do you recommend it? Let's take a look at it today.

zorb ball
New and fresh

This is a new game and many people are not familiar with it. Most have probably never experienced the sensation of tumbling down from a height, which you only see in movies or TV shows. As soon as you enter the zorb ball, participants experience the thrill, weightlessness and satisfaction as the ball tumbles downwards from a height.


This game is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. Young people, children and middle-aged people alike can experience this game. Those who like to feel the thrill can experience the most traditional thrill of all, tumbling down the slope with the zorb ball. Younger children who need to be safe can experience the water walking ball, running or walking freely through the water. In addition, there are now many games with zorb balls, such as foam football, which are also very popular.

High returns

According to previous research, a zorb ball costs between 50 and 400 USD, which is relatively low compared to, for example, a roller coaster. Even though there is some expenditure involved in building the venue, with its popularity, it will pay for itself very quickly.


Are you an amusement park operator or manager? Do you want to increase the popularity of your amusement park? If you want to order some zorb balls, Kameymall is a good choice.

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