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Home news Product Tips Variant Of Zorb Balls: A Zorb Cylinder
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Variant Of Zorb Balls: A Zorb Cylinder

Aug, 31, 2022

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Are you familiar with inflatable products? Today, we are going to talk to you about some of the most interesting devices in the inflatable range, the zorb ball and its family. If we call this range of inflatables the zorb family, then the zorb ball would be the original generation. Let me introduce you to the zorb family!



What is a zorb ball?


A zorb ball is a giant double plastic ball three metres high. There is an air-filled gap between the two layers of plastic balls, which serves to protect passengers as it counteracts the pressure from the zorb ball squeezing against the ground and also prevents direct contact between passengers and the ground. There are three ways to play the zorb ball, which is called zorbing. You can be secured inside the zorb ball, or you can fill the zorb ball with water and not be secured. Of course, you can also move freely inside the giant ball while the zorb ball is tumbling.


zorb ball

Variant of the zorb balls: the zorb cylinder


The Zorb cylinder is similar to the zorb ball in that it is also double-layered and has an air-filled gap between the two layers of plastic. However, it differs from the zorb ball in a number of ways. The shape of the zorb ball is different in that it is not sealed, there is nothing in the circular cross section on either side, and the length of the cylinder is longer. Secondly, the play is different. With the zorb cylinder, you can only run after the zorb cylinder when it starts to roll. This looks like a treadmill. I'm sure all of us have worked out on a treadmill. On this treadmill, you don't have any anchors. zorb columns look like this, as you can see in the picture above. In the picture, two huge zorb cylinders are placed on the grassy slope. The dimensions of each zorb cylinder are 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.8 metres.


In order to experience the thrill of running on the zorb cylinders, you normally need an absolutely safe track, because if the track safety is taken care of, the zorb cylinders will not appear to break during play. Then, even less do you need to worry about the zorb cylinder tipping over during a tumble, because the length of the cylinder ensures that it will be stable during the tumble. So, even if both ends of this cylinder are open, you don't have to worry about being thrown off.



Suspension of disbelief


So, would you like to experience such an interesting zorb cylinder? Our shopping centre, Kameymall, sells this product. Buy now and you'll get a lower price than usual! You can even add this item to your playground. In the next article I will continue to introduce you to other members of the zorb family, i.e. other variants of zorb balls!

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