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Choose An Air Track Size Based On Skill Level

Jun, 22, 2022

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The air track has become an integral part of our daily life. It can be used not only as a gymnastic mat for athletes or fitness professionals, but also as a toy and protective mat for children to play with. If you want to buy an air track now, then read this article carefully, it will help you to choose the right air track.

Various sizes of air tracks

10 foot air track
This length of air track is for a single skill only. For example, standing back hands, standing knee flexion, back walk, forward walk. And it can be used as a launch pad (i.e. rounding up and ending the skill on the air track. Assuming you have a safe landing area.)

15 foot air track
15 foot air track mat is great for 2 skills that don't normally require running. Such as connecting 2 standing back handsprings, cartwheel backflips, etc.

20 foot air track
This size of air track is great for 2 skill elements through hurdles or steps (rounded back handspring), great for 3 skill elements that are standing, connect 3 standing back handsprings, standing back handsprings pull back knee holds, etc.

30 foot air track
This size is great for most tumbling passes from hurdles or 1-2 steps, for whips and whip connections to specialty entries such as barani or front fold step outs.

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