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Are You Fond Of Slip Resistant Safety Shoes

Apr, 19, 2022

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It is defined as the amount of resistance created by the sole of a shoe as it moves across a walking surface. Slip resistance is something that can be measured. This measurement is known as the Coefficient of Friction (or COF.)

The COF is the ratio between the maximum frictional force exerted by the sole of the safety shoes for women and the force that propels the sole across the surface.
So it really comes down to the traction and grip of the sole and the floor itself. It's simple enough! But that doesn't mean it's exactly right.

Paper and tape measure

If you are ordering safety shoes online, you may want to increase your confidence that you will receive a pair of shoes that fit properly. Measuring your feet to get your shoe size is a great way to build that confidence.
If you can only find a tape measure, take a piece of printer paper or similar and a pen/pencil to measure the size of your foot. If your foot is larger than one piece of paper, you may need to stick another piece of paper to one end.

Place the printer paper against a straight wall or other surface that is perpendicular to the ground
Place your foot on the paper with your heel touching the wall and stand up straight.
Use a pen/pencil to mark the position of your toes and the end of your sock on the paper. If you don't have a helper, you can use a small box or similar to place your toes on and mark the position of your toes after you have moved your foot.

Oxford Safety Shoes

Make a conclusion
If all shoe manufacturers used the same shoe size, there would be no need to do this, but there are subtle differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. So if you pay attention to the safety of this kind of shoes, why not come to Kameymall? You can’t be disappointed!

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