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The Benefits of Air Track Are Versatile

Jun, 20, 2022

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Air track mats are an ideal training surface for gymnastics because they provide a soft landing surface for gymnasts, while they are extremely shock absorbent, helping to avoid injury to the gymnast's muscles and ligaments when landing. Air track mats offer many benefits to gymnasts and coaches, but one of the main reasons gymnasts like them is because of the bounce they provide.

Advantages of air tracks

Injury reduction
Gymnastics equipment is notorious for causing injuries - broken ankles and hips, torn Achilles tendons, broken wrists in gymnasts. It's hard to say exactly what causes these injuries, but the softness of the training floor is a very important factor in causing injuries. The air track used in gymnastics are usually made of very soft materials. Gymnastics equipment companies have begun to use air tracks in their training routines to reduce the risk of injury. These mats are more comfortable and better suited for gymnasts to train on than traditional mats.

Gymnastics mats bounce much better than concrete floors. The main reason for this is that the floor does not absorb as much force while the athlete is training. However, Air track mats are more forgiving because they are able to absorb some of the force of the gymnast and bounce higher and softer than concrete. The perfect gymnastics floor has enough bounce to allow athletes to develop their skills, but without causing injury or resulting in injury. Air tracks are made of high-density material, often with a special waterproofing treatment that helps prevent water from sticking to the mat. These mats are available in different thicknesses for gymnasts to choose from. The thicker the mat, the more padding it has and therefore the softer it will be when landing.

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